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Aloman Stock Search Gadget

What’s Gadget?

Aloman Stock Search Gadget, a kind of launcher software, allows you to search stock directly on the desktop, not by going through Part Search program on the Aloman website. It is free, and quick and easy to operate.

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How to use the Gadget.

1.Enter the part number in the Gadget

  1. Enter the number of the part you look for
  2. Select Beings with or Contains
  3. Click Stock Search button

2.Search Results Displayed

Your Internet Browser will be automatically up and the search results will be displayed in Aloman website.

You must be registered to use the program, for instance, to request for quotation.

If you are not registered, click here for registration.

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Aloman Stock Search Gadget offers some features.
(You can click right mouse button on the Gadget to select Option and check each feature as follows:)

Gadget Launch

The Gadget will be automatically up, when your PC is launched.

Search Windows Launch

When the Gadget is up, the search windows will be automatically shown.

Fix at Top

The Gadget will be always displayed at the top of the windows

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How to uninstall the Gadget

Finish the Gadget program.
Double-click your installation file to automatically uninstall the program, if the file is retained. Or, delete the Gadget program from “Program Addition/Deletion” in “Control Panel” of your PC.

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