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Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Receiving Inspection

Aloman conducts a wide range of visual and physical inspections in every receiving shipment. Aloman's enhanced inspection system rejects all nonconformities, including counterfeit or refurbished parts, and helps create and maintain trust and assurance in Aloman among a large number of customers.

Visual and Physical Inspection

Stringent visual inspections on outer package of shipment received, individual inner package, device configuration, mould surface, lead pin, marking, date code, country of origin and other physical appearance.
Close inspections on marking and lead pins through hi-powered microscopes.
Detailed inspections on chip, frame, wire bonding through X-ray equipment.
Discussions are held at inspection site with customers and suppliers, and inspection results are shared with suppliers, as necessary, for improvement in quality.

Inspection Equipment and Facilities

Aloman maintains the highest level of inspection system in the industry. It assures that counterfeit/refurbished/pulled parts or other nonconformities be found and rejected from shipment from Aloman.
All the points inspected are detailed out for record, along with pictures taken, and stored in Aloman inspection database.
Aloman conducts all inspection processes in house by Aloman's well experienced inspection professionals, by use of

  • 4~175 powered Microscopes
  • Digital X-ray Microscope
  • Reel counter
  • Vacuum packing machine
  • Anti-static desk sheet and wristband
  • Anti-static floor, shoes and cloths
  • Anti-static storage box


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